If you are looking for assistance with all the procedures regarding getting legally married in Italy, you have come to the right place.

I understand that it is difficult to plan a wedding abroad and that there are thousands of questions that come to your mind. Especially if you want your marriage to have legal value, be valid in your country and you find yourself in Italy, the kingdom of bureaucracy.

9 most popular questions and answers.

On this page I have collected answers to the most common questions and initial doubts that you will have when deciding to organize your wedding in Italy.

Can foreigners get married in Italy?
The answer is yes, anyone can get married in Italy. In fact, there are no nationality restrictions and no legal residency requirements for a civil marriage in Italy.

How do I get legally married in Italy?
You will need to prepare all necessary paperwork. The required documents depend on your nationality and country of residence. In the most common cases you have to ask your country’s consulate in Italy which will provide you with initial information. Then the Comune (town hall) in Italy will inform you about the documents needed.

What are the legal requirements to get married in Italy?
The legal requirements differ according to your nationality and residence and vary as follows:
An Italian citizen who marries a foreign citizen and they resident in Italy or abroad
– Two foreign citizens who are residents in Italy
-Two foreigners who are residents in their country of origin
-Two foreign citizens residing in countries other than those of origin

In all these cases the procedures and also the authorities that will have to issue the documents required by the Italian authorities vary.

What do I need to marry in Italy?
It is fundamental to know that the conditions for marrying in Italy are governed by the national law of your country of origin.

In general the Italian authorities request the following documents:

  • A valid passport or national ID card for both spouses
  • Original birth certificate for both spouses
  • Evidence of termination of any previous marriage (divorce papers or death certificate)
  • Nulla Osta OR Certificate of no impediment to the marriage

How long do I have to stay in Italy before getting married?
There is no precise rule. In general, there are no residency requirements but depending on your situation and location you chose, you may need to come to Italy 2-3 days before the wedding or in other cases from 7 up to 10 days.

Is the marriage in Italy automatically valid in my country?
The answer is yes. A marriage celebrated in Italy will be valid in your country of origin. In some cases it is valid automatically. In other cases the Italian marriage certificate has to be validated through the Apostille at the local Prefettura office.

Can I get married in Italy if I am divorced?
Any divorcee can marry again in Italy. The legal procedures do not change except for the necessity to present a copy of a decree of divorce (Decree Absolute).
Furthermore, according to Italian law a divorced woman is obliged to wait 300 days before marrying again.

How long does a civil wedding take?
The civil ceremony in Italy lasts about 20 minutes. It is always performed in Italian and it is translated into your language by an interpreter. All this will last around 20 minutes. It will conclude with the signing of the Marriage Act.

What costs are involved in organising a civil wedding in Italy?
Costs for a civil ceremony in Italy vary depending on the nationality of both spouses, residence and ceremony location.
In general, the costs you need to consider are the following:
– Legal fee linked to documents (consular fees, translation, legalization costs)
– Official translator (unless both spouses speak and understand Italian)
– Town hall / venue fee (varies according to location and venue).

I hope this information has cleared some of your doubts. Should you need any assistance in completing the procedures and organising your civil wedding in Italy, you will have all my experience and professionalism at your service.

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