Our services are designed for couples wishing to have a civil ceremony in Italy.  For those who do not speak the Italian language; for those whose case is too complicated or for those who simply do not want to get stressed and risk not having all the documents completed in time.

We can assure you that you will be united in a legally-binding ceremony with all the necessary documents prepared and provided according to the requested times.

We are able to help to get married all people who can receive the authorisation from their country and whose matrimony can also be recognised by the Italian state. There are only a few cases in which you cannot get married in Italy, i.e. the Italian state prohibits bigamy.
If the conditions imposed by the Italian state are met, your marriage will be also recognised in other countries.

Since 2016 it is possible to enter a civil partnership for the same-sex couples. The procedure varies depending on the nationality of both spouses and the legal situation in their country in respect to the same-sex unions.

As you may imagine, every case must be analysed individually, this is why the first step is to have all the necessary information such as nationality, country of residence, civil status of the both of you, which will enable us to determine the right approach and the procedure to follow.

The cases we have followed in the last twelve years included spouses of different nationalities residing in yet another country; a citizen of foreign country (i.e. Argentina) who thanks to its Italian origins and with our help could get the Italian citizenship and get married as an Italian citizen.

From our experience we can say that European nationalities follow quite simplified procedures, whereas the extra-EU nationalities or those out of Europe can be rather tricky.

In general, the document required by the Italian state is the “permission to marry”, called nulla osta in Italian. In some cases the right authority to release this document is the consulate of your country in Italy or other authority in your country, i.e. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Registry office, etc.

One of the characteristics of the civil document is the fact that it is valid only for some time since the date of release, the maximum being six months. For that reason you need to bear in mind that we cannot start with the procedures neither too late nor too early.

In some case sit is necessary to go to the consulate of your country in Italy in person in order to sign some of the documents. In other cases we can act on your behalf and deal with the authorities of your country. We also take care of the translation, legalization and apostille when required.

All in all, the procedures depend on the treaties and conventions that define the relationship between Italy and other parties, among them the most important being Vienna Convention, the Apostille Treaty signed in the Hague, Munich Convention and the London Convention.

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Our costs vary according to the nationality and the workload required.

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