Chinese citizens getting married in Italy.

There is a growing interest among Chinese citizens in getting married in Italy. There reasons for that are various – from the assumption that the charm of the Italian peninsula has reached the remote Asian country to the fact that there is a big Chinese community living here. I have already helped a few couples. They were either of mixed nationality: Chinese and foreign, Chinese and Italian or both spouses were Chinese. In each case the procedure differs.

In general, for a Chinese citizen planning to get married in Italy, the procedures required by the Italian state follow the line for non-EU citizen.

Nulla Osta is the most important document. You need to apply for it at the Chinese consulate that covers the Italian region where you want to get married. It may be either Rome or Milan. In order to receive it, you need to present the following documents:

  • photocopy of the passport
  • photocopy of the notarial deed of birth
  • the original of the Chinese notarial deed of the free status
  • the original certificate of free status issued by the municipality of residence
  • a self-declaration of free status

When the consulate issues the Nulla Osta, it has to be legalised by a state office called Prefettura. Once it is ready, you can present it at the Italian municipality that will host your ceremony. You must also remember that the Nulla Osta is valid for 3 months. More on the Italian civil marriage ceremony here.

This article names the general, important steps to be taken. Once you start the procedure, you may face issues or encounter the famous Italian red tape. My job is to represent you and assist you along the way, making sure all the documents are ready on time. If you have any doubts, questions or you wish to receive a quote, contact me.

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