Brexit or no-Brexit

In the last few months I have been receiving inquires from British couples asking if they can get legally married in Italy after Brexit.  In the light of geopolitical changes, they express their concern about post-Brexit procedures.  Very often this is the reason why they decide to postpone their wedding or no longer consider getting married abroad. Which is a shame, because as you are going to read in a moment, not much will change from the legal point of view, or if there are changes, there will be the transition period long enough for you to take the right action.

In case the United Kingdom leaves the EU, the procedures will change. But they will not be new. In fact, it is predicted that if Brexit happens, the legal requirements for British citizens getting married in Italy will go back to the procedures used to be executed a few years ago. As far as the documents are concerned, you will still need to get your certificate of no impediment from your local registry office. What will change is the legal path and different authorities involved in recognizing your documents as valid ( i.e. the British consulate in Italy).

My advice is to not wait for the politicians to take their final decision. Book your wedding date in advance to secure the venue and all the time you need for the preparations, arrangements, etc. Don not worry; even if you book your wedding a year ahead, you will not be requested to collect the documents immediately –they are only valid for 6 months. And with the transition periods in force in case of Brexit, there will be enough time to follow the right procedure.

As for other arrangements, bear in mind that to travel in the EU, British citizens, not having an actual ID, have always needed a passport and coming to Italy for your wedding will still mean travelling as tourists, with a stay no longer than 90 days, a visa will NOT be required. The only change you will notice as you arrive at your destination, will be the exit you will have to take. This time you will have to head for “non-EU” 😉

However, what I have just described regards only the British citizens residing in the UK. Being a British citizen but residing outside the UK means that the legal procedures for you are already different, regardless of Brexit. In my 14-year experience I have come across various scenarios depending on the country of birth/country of residence. It is my job to analyze every case individually and guide you. Brexit or no-Brexit, if your dream was to get married in Italy, do not hesitate anymore. I am here to help you.

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