The Italian citizenship by descent and getting married in Italy.

What if you have the right to the Italian citizenship by descent and you don’t know it? It happens to me quite often when a foreigner with Italian sounding name contacts me. My first question is – do you have Italian ancestors? The answer in many cases is: Yes. Italian grandparents, Italian parents. And this heritage gives you a special right.

Italian citizenship by descent. Born in a foreign land, the spouses aren’t often aware of this important fact. They have the right to the Italian citizenship by descent. In this situation there are two possible roads to take. You either forget it or you start the procedure to acquire your Italian citizenship.

What are the advantages of having an Italian citizenship? It is not only about the rights of an Italian citizen. Italy is a member of the European Union. As an Italian you automatically have all the priviledges reserved for EU citizens. It means free movement, free settlement and free employment. It may be especially interesting for the British citizens. As a Brit with Italian citizenship you will regain all the opportunities lost with Brexit.

How to get the Italian citizenship by descent? There is a bit of Italian red tape you will face. However, with my help, you can easily become a happy holder of the Italian passport. So far I have helped a few foreigners obtain the Italian citizenship by descent.

Getting married in Italy and Italian citizenship by descent. One important thing. Once you obtain the Italian citizenship, you must marry following the procedure for the Italian citizens. It is also obligatory for future spouses who already have a double citizenship, one being Italian. Obtaining the Italian citizenship by descent and marry as an Italian in the Bel paese can make your wedding even more special. If you suspect or know about your Italian origins and would like to start the procedure, contact me. I will assist you with it.