Unique and unusual places for a legal wedding in Italy

Civil wedding does not necessary mean getting married in the very town hall of the municipality you have chosen. A compromise can be the civil ceremony in the official place and a symbolic ceremony in an unlimited variety of places, with the help of a celebrant. But there is also a third way – you can get legally married in Italy in a unique and unusual place. The list of such places is long and it is growing every year as the local governments authorise new locations for civil, legally binding, ceremonies.

As Italy is has a rich historical and natural patrimony, so is the list of unique places to get married in this beautiful country. Among them you will find:

  1. castles and historical buildings – from ruins of medieval castles located in historical centres or on top of hills to defence towers along the coast;
  2. villas and palaces with their amazing interiors full of art collections, antique furniture and beautiful surroundings;
  3. places of natural beauty – nature reserves, landscape parks, tops of hills or mountains, enchanting beaches on the coastline of the south of Italy and the Italian islands such as Sardinia and Sicily; little deserted islands reachable only by boat;
  4. unique places like archaeological sites, opera houses and theatres.

Every region of Italy is famous for its historical or natural patrimony.  The historical patrimony ranges from the times before the Roman Empire to the beginning of the 20th century. Think about Taormina, Nora, Florence, Venice, Palermo or Turin. All this surrounded by breathtaking mountainous or coastal landscape. Not to mention the spectacular hills of Tuscany. In any of these places there is a magical location where you can organise a legally-binding ceremony.

 There are regions or cities that have original and unique places to offer that you will not find in any other part of Italy or the world. In Sardinia you can get married inside one of the nuraghe, a tower-like, megalithic building left by a mysterious civilization. In Verona the civil ceremony can be organised in the house of Romeo and Juliet.

Whether you dream of a civil wedding inside the walls of a castle or with the sound of sea, the choices in Italy are unlimited. The list of unique places is getting longer and when starting your search, you can go either by region or by the typology. Just express your wish and I will find a perfect solution for you, assisting you with booking the place and following all the procedures.

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